If this is the very first time that you have attempted to log into the Piranha configuration GUI, then please note that your system administrator must first set the piranha password by running the '/usr/sbin/piranha-passwd ' utility, and make sure the Piranha GUI service has been started via the "/etc/rc.d/init.f/piranha-gui start" command.

If that has already been done and you are receiving a "Forbidden" message indicating you do not have permissions to access the web pages, it is most likely because you did not include TCP/IP port number of the Piranha GUI's http service in your URL (for example: "http://myhost.com:3636/piranha"). The Piranha GUI needs a unique httpd service port, and the web screens are protected against accidental access by other httpd services running on your system. Without including this port number in your URL, your browser is attempting to access the pages via your main httpd service.

If you included the port number and get an "unable to locate service" message, it is because the Piranha GUI service is not running, so it's TCP/IP port is not operating.