Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Append to current search path


addpath [path]

where path is the path of a directory to add to the list of directories searched for layout cells, relative to the current working directory.


The addpath command is used to control which directories magic searches when attempting to read an undefined cell. It can only be used to append new directories to the existing search path (see below). This command is most often used when groups of subcells such as a standard-cell library or padframe library is kept in a separate place from the rest of the layout. In such cases it is convenient to put this command in the .magic file in the layout directory to ensure that all cells required by the layout are accessible at runtime.

Implementation Notes:

addpath is a magic built-in command. It is retained for backwards compatibility, but is superceded by the path command, which allows complete control over the layout search path contents, as well as other search paths used by magic.

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