Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Enable (disable) annotated tile plane display


*watch [plane] [demo] [types]

where plane is a valid plane name in the current technology.


The *watch command generates an annotated layout display which shows the structure of the tile plane in the corner-stitched database representation.

The demo option produces arrows at the stitch corners illustrating which tiles are directly referenced by pointers in the database tile structure.

The types option shows the name of the tile type for each tile, instead of the default display, which is the memory address (in hexidecimal) of the tile, in large print, and the memory address of the four stitched tiles, in small print.

*watch without arguments clears the display of annotations and returns to the normal layout view. Note that *watch only allows one plane at a time to be annotated. Also note that some commands such as edit will cause the annotation not to be synchronized with the current display or current edit cell, and may require the *watch to be executed again to display the correct tiles.

Implementation Notes:

*watch is implemented as a built-in "wizard" command in magic.

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Last updated: October, 2004