Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Scroll the window


The keyboard arrow keys implement the command. Without modifiers, the window scrolls by 1/10 width in the indicated direction. With Shift, the window scrolls by one width in the indicated direction.


scroll direction [amount [units]]

where direction is a valid Manhattan direction, and amount by default is an absolute distance in any acceptable units. If units is w, then the amount is interpreted as a fraction of the screen width. If units ls l, then the amount is interpreted as a fraction of the layout width. Note that units of distance for amount, such as "um" for microns or "i" for internal units, are attached to the value with no intervening space, whereas the two units keywords accepted by the scroll command are a separate argument and separated from amount by whitespace.


The scroll command implements a pan of the layout in the window in the indicated direction by the indicated amount. The interpretation of amount is described above in the Usage section.

Implementation Notes:

scroll is implemented as a built-in window command in magic.

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