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Switch to/from CIF layers display


Key macro C implements the command cif.




The cif command toggles between the view of the layout as CIF (equivalently, GDS) layers, and the magic database layers. The view of CIF/GDS layers is default, because the representation of contacts is much clearer in the CIF/GDS view.

To view CIF/GDS layers in the 3D rendering window, it is necessary to have rendering information in the technology file for each CIF/GDS layer, presented in the cifoutput section with the render keyword. This information includes the style with which to render the layer, and height and thickness information for each layer. Note that this height and thickness is currently used only for rendering purposes, and so values are effectively arbitrary. Height and thickness values corresponding to the magic database layers can be provided in the extract section of the technology file, and is used for three-dimensional geometry extraction as well as the 3D window viewing of the magic database layers.

Implementation Notes:

cif is implemented as a built-in wind3d window command in magic. It can only be invoked from a window created with the specialopen wind3d command, or the render procedure. Note that the wind3d window is only available when magic is compiled with the OpenGL graphics option and invoked with magic -d OGL.

Note that macros of the wind3d window are hard-coded, and cannot be changed with the macro, gmacro, or imacro commands. There is no ":" macro for entering commands; to enter commands from the command-line, use the tk_path_name command. The default Tk path name of the wind3d window is ".magic3d".

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Last updated: October, 2004