Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Get name of current or all windows


windownames [all|type]

where type is one of the window types known to the specialopen command, which are: layout, wind3d, color, and netlist.


The windownames command returns a list of magic windows as specified by the command options. No options is equivalent to option all, and prints the names of all existing windows. Otherwise, windows can be listed by type, where type is the type of window as understood by the specialopen command.

The Tcl/Tk version of magic returns the full Tk path name of each window, including any parent frames. The non-Tcl/Tk version of magic returns window IDs (the ID is an integer number used by the setpoint command.

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Implementation Notes:

windownames is implemented as a built-in command in magic. The Tcl version returns a Tcl list of Tk path names for each window. The non-Tcl version of magic writes the window list to standard output.

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Last updated: December 4, 2005 at 8:40pm