Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Join the nets containing the two indicated terminals.


joinnets term1 term2

where term1 and term2 are names of netlist terminals.


The joinnets command joins two networks together into a single network. The two networks are specified by naming a terminal on each network. If either terminal is not connected to a network, no action is taken (use the add command to add an unconnected terminal to a network).

Implementation Notes:

joinnets is implemented as a built-in netlist window command in magic. It can only be invoked from a window created with the specialopen netlist command. This command was previously called join, and may be used as that abbreviation in the non-Tcl version of magic. However, the command name join conflicts with the Tcl command of the same name, and its syntax is not distinct. Therefore, in Tcl-based magic, the command name join is interpreted as the Tcl command.

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Last updated: October, 2004