Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Place a label in the layout


label string [position [layer]]

where string is the text of the label, position may be any valid direction in magic, and layer may be any valid layer in the technology.


The label command places a label on the layout. The label is marked by a point, line, or rectangle, depending on the size of the cursor box. If the area under the cursor box contains exactly one type, the label will be "attached" to that type; that is, the label will name the network of the node containing that type. If the area under the cursor box contains multiple layers, one will be chosen for attachment to the label. If there are multiple network nodes under the cursor box, the result may not be what the user intended; in such cases, the user should specify which layer the label should be attached to, so that the appropriate network node will be labeled.

The label text is placed to one side of the marker in the direction indicated by the position argument. For example, "label text north" will draw the label string "text" to the north (above) the marker.

Labels cannot be directly modified; modifications should be handled by first erasing the label with "erase label" and then redrawing.

Implementation Notes:

label is implemented as a built-in command in magic.

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