Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Stretch the cursor box and the selection.


Key macro M implements the command move (no arguments).
Key macro Shift-Keypad-8 implements the command stretch n 1
Key macro Shift-Keypad-6 implements the command stretch e 1
(and so forth for all 8 compass rose directions).


stretch [direction [distance]]

where direction is any valid direction specification in magic, and distance is any valid distance specification.


The stretch command moves the current selection from its current position according to the command arguments, and fills in behind with material such that electrical connections are maintained across the area in between the original and final positions.

Without arguments, the lower-left hand corner of the selection is moved to the current cursor position (the X11 cursor, not the magic "cursor box"). With arguments direction and distance, the selection is moved relative to the original in the indicated direction by the indicated amount. The default distance is 1 unit (usually lambda; see distance for further explication).

The stretching algorithm fills in with the material that crosses or touches the cursor box in the opposite direction to the direction being stretched. If two different materials are on opposite sides of this boundary, the effect depends on the material types. Contact types will not be stretched unless the contact material is on both sides of the cursor box boundary. If two different contact types are on opposite sides of the boundary, then the material that electrically connects those two contacts (if any) will be filled in the stretch area.

Implementation Notes:

stretch is implemented as a built-in magic command.

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