Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Open a new (non-GUI) layout window with indicated name, bound to indicated cell


Key macro o implements the command openwindow. This macro is disabled when using the GUI wrapper.


openwindow [cell] [name]

where cell is the name of a cell to be loaded into the new window, and name is the Tk path name of a top-level window (see below). An empty string or Tcl NULL list "{}" for cell will cause the default cell "(UNNAMED)" to be loaded.


The openwindow command opens a new layout window. Without arguments, a new layout window named "magicn" is created, where n is the index of the nth window to be created. Without a named cell, the new window is loaded with a copy of the cell that was present in the last generated layout window.

The use of parameter name is used in conjunction with a wrapper script to attach the layout window to an existing Tk frame window.

Implementation Notes:

openwindow is implemented as a built-in magic window command. It should not be used with the GUI wrapper (invoked with magic -w); instead, the openwrapper function should be used. Note that it is possible to use this command in batch mode, although there is no useful reason to do so.

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