Magic VLSI Layout Tool Version 7.3 *


Paint mask information into the current edit cell


Key interactive macro p implements the command paint and waits for input of the layer type.
Mouse button 2 implements the command paint cursor when using the "box tool" in a layout window.


paint layers|cursor

where layers is a comma-separated list of types to paint.


The paint command paints layer types in the current edit cell inside the area of the cursor box.

Note that some layers, such as DRC layers, cannot be painted. Elements are painted with the element command and feedback areas are painted using the feedback command.

The "paint cursor" option picks the layers underneath the position of the (X11) cursor and fills the cursor box with these types. However, when no material (e.g., "space") is present under the cursor, then all material and labels are erased from the area of the cursor box.

Implementation Notes:

paint is implemented as a built-in command in magic.

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Last updated: November 8, 2004 at 3:02pm