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Package org.infinispan.configuration.cache

Added Classes and Interfaces
AuthorizationConfiguration AuthorizationConfiguration.
AuthorizationConfigurationBuilder AuthorizationConfigurationBuilder.
CustomStoreConfigurationBuilder StoreConfigurationBuilder used for stores/loaders that don't have a configuration builder
SecurityConfiguration SecurityConfiguration.
SecurityConfigurationBuilder SecurityConfigurationBuilder.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AsyncConfigurationBuilder If configured all communications are asynchronous, in that whenever a thread sends a message sent over the wire, it does not wait for an acknowledgment before returning.
AsyncStoreConfigurationBuilder Configuration for the async cache store.
BackupConfigurationBuilder @author
BackupForBuilder @author Mircea Markus
ClusteringConfigurationBuilder Defines clustered characteristics of the cache.
CompatibilityModeConfiguration Compatibility mode configuration
CompatibilityModeConfigurationBuilder Compatibility mode configuration builder
CustomInterceptorsConfigurationBuilder Configures custom interceptors to be added to the cache.
DataContainerConfiguration Controls the data container for the cache.
DataContainerConfigurationBuilder Controls the data container for the cache.
DeadlockDetectionConfigurationBuilder Configures deadlock detection.
EvictionConfigurationBuilder Controls the eviction settings for the cache.
ExpirationConfigurationBuilder Controls the default expiration settings for entries in the cache.
GroupsConfigurationBuilder Configuration for various grouper definitions.
HashConfiguration Allows fine-tuning of rehashing characteristics.
HashConfigurationBuilder Allows fine-tuning of rehashing characteristics.
IndexingConfiguration Configures indexing of entries in the cache for searching.
IndexingConfigurationBuilder Configures indexing of entries in the cache for searching.
InterceptorConfiguration Describes a custom interceptor
InterceptorConfigurationBuilder This builder defines details of a specific custom interceptor.
JMXStatisticsConfigurationBuilder Determines whether statistics are gather and reported.
L1ConfigurationBuilder Configures the L1 cache behavior in 'distributed' caches instances.
LockingConfigurationBuilder Defines the local, in-VM locking and concurrency characteristics of the cache.
PersistenceConfigurationBuilder Configuration for cache stores.
RecoveryConfigurationBuilder Defines recovery configuration for the cache.
SingleFileStoreConfiguration Defines the configuration for the single file cache store.
SingleFileStoreConfigurationBuilder Single file cache store configuration builder.
SitesConfigurationBuilder @author
StateTransferConfiguration Configures how state is retrieved when a new cache joins the cluster.
StateTransferConfigurationBuilder Configures how state is transferred when a cache joins or leaves the cluster.
StoreAsBinaryConfigurationBuilder Controls whether when stored in memory, keys and values are stored as references to their original objects, or in a serialized, binary format.
StoreConfigurationBuilder LoaderConfigurationBuilder is an interface which should be implemented by all cache loader builders
SyncConfigurationBuilder If configured all communications are synchronous, in that whenever a thread sends a message sent over the wire, it blocks until it receives an acknowledgment from the recipient.
TakeOfflineConfigurationBuilder @author Mircea Markus
TransactionConfiguration Defines transactional (JTA) characteristics of the cache.
TransactionConfigurationBuilder Defines transactional (JTA) characteristics of the cache.
UnsafeConfigurationBuilder Controls certain tuning parameters that may break some of Infinispan's public API contracts in exchange for better performance in some cases.