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January 2005: Nutch Joins Apache Incubator

Nutch is a two-year-old open source project, previously hosted at Sourceforge and backed by its own non-profit organization. The non-profit was founded in order to assign copyright, so that we could retain the right to change the license. We have now determined that the Apache license is the appropriate license for Nutch and no longer require the overhead of an independent non-profit organization. Nutch's board of directors and its developers were both polled and supported the move to the Apache foundation.

September 2004: Creative Commons launches Nutch-based Search

Creative Commons unveiled a beta version of its search engine, which scours the web for text, images, audio, and video free to re-use on certain terms a search refinement offered by no other company or organization.

See the Creative Commons Press Release for more details.

September 2004: Oregon State University switches to Nutch

Oregon State University is converting its searching infrastructure from Googletm to the open source project Nutch. The effort to replace the Googletm will realize significant cost savings for Oregon State University, while promoting both the Nutch Search Engine and transparency in search engine use and management.

For more details see the announcement by OSU's Open Source Lab.