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Using the Help Window

This section describes how to use the Help window (the entire window in which this text and the sidebar on the left are displayed).

For additional sources of support and information, click the links displayed in the bottom portion of the Help and Support Center.

In this section:

Finding the Topic You Want

To see information related to the Help topic you are reading, click links in the Help window just as you would in a regular web page.

Retracing Your Steps and Printing

To retrace your steps in Help, click the buttons near the top left corner of the Help window:

Alternatively, print the instructions you want to follow:

Using Help Buttons

Many specialized &brandShortName; windows and dialog boxes include a help button.

Click any help button to see detailed information about the window in which it appears.

Search Tips

If you don't find what you want in your search, here are a few helpful tips: