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&brandShortName; Keyboard Shortcuts

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Using Shortcuts

This document uses the following format for listing shortcuts:


Command Windows Mac OS Linux or Unix
Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C Ctrl+C

To perform a command, press the buttons listed together at the same time. For example, to copy in Windows, press Ctrl and C at the same time.

Tip: The plus sign (+) means that you must press two keys surrounding the plus sign at the same time. If there is more than one plus sign (such as Ctrl+Shift+C), it means that all three buttons surrounding the plus sign must be pressed at the same time.


Note: Some keyboard shortcuts perform different functions based on cursor location (focus). For example, if you press Home on Windows while viewing a web page, &brandShortName; will move to the top of the web page. However, if you press Home on Windows while the cursor is in a text field, the cursor will go to the beginning of the text field.

General &brandShortName; Shortcuts

Command Windows Mac OS Linux or Unix
Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V Cmd+V Ctrl+V
Cut Ctrl+X Cmd+X Ctrl+X
Select All Ctrl+A Cmd+A Alt+A
Close Window Ctrl+W Cmd+W Ctrl+W
Delete Next Word Ctrl+Del Opt+Del Ctrl+Del
Go Up One Page Page Up Page Up Page Up
Go Down One Page Page Down Page Down Page Down
Go Up One Line Up Arrow Up Arrow Up Arrow
Go Down One Line Down Arrow Down Arrow Down Arrow
Undo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z Cmd+Shift+Z Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z
Focus Search Field Ctrl+F or Ctrl+K Cmd+F or Cmd+K Ctrl+F or Ctrl+K
Find Ctrl+F Cmd+F Ctrl+F
Find Again Ctrl+G or F3 Cmd+G Ctrl+G
Find Links As You Type ' (apostrophe) ' (apostrophe) ' (apostrophe)
Find Text As You Type / / /
Open Context Menu Shift+F10 Ctrl+Space Shift+F10
Open Main Menu (switches to the first drop-down menu at the top of the window) Alt or F10 (Mac OS X: Controlled through keyboard preference in Control Panel) F10
Exit &brandShortName; Ctrl+Q Cmd+Q Ctrl+Q
Start Browser Ctrl+1 Cmd+1 Ctrl+1
Start Mail & Newsgroups Ctrl+2 Cmd+2 Ctrl+2
Start Composer Ctrl+4 Cmd+4 Ctrl+4
Start Address Book Ctrl+5 Cmd+5 Ctrl+5
Start IRC Chat Ctrl+6 Cmd+6 Ctrl+6
Open Add-on Manager Ctrl+Shift+A Cmd+Shift+A Ctrl+Shift+A
Open Download Manager Ctrl+J Cmd+J Ctrl+J
Open Error Console Ctrl+Shift+J Cmd+Shift+J Ctrl+Shift+J
Open Help Window F1 Cmd+? F1
Turn on/off caret browsing F7 F7 (if F7 is not programmed for another command) F7

Text Field Shortcuts

The following are keyboard commands for navigating and modifying text in a text input field (e.g. the Location Bar). Except where indicated, these commands also apply to Web pages and e-mail messages in caret browsing mode.

Command Windows Mac OS Linux or Unix
Move one line up Up Arrow Up Arrow Up Arrow
Move one line down Down Arrow Down Arrow Down Arrow
Move one character left Left Arrow Left Arrow Left Arrow
Move one character right Right Arrow Right Arrow Right Arrow
Move to next word Ctrl+Right Arrow Opt+Right Arrow Ctrl+Right Arrow
Move to previous word Ctrl+Left Arrow Opt+Left Arrow Ctrl+Left Arrow
Move to beginning of line Home Cmd+Left Arrow (in text fields only) Home
Move to end of line End Cmd+Right Arrow (in text fields only) End
Move to beginning of text Ctrl+Home Cmd+Up Arrow Ctrl+Home
Move to end of text Ctrl+End Cmd+Down Arrow Ctrl+End
Select next character Shift+Right Arrow Shift+Right Arrow Shift+Right Arrow
Select previous character Shift+Left Arrow Shift+Left Arrow Shift+Left Arrow
Select next word Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow Opt+Shift+Right Arrow Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
Select previous word Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow Opt+Shift+Left Arrow Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
Select all text Ctrl+A Cmd+A Ctrl+A
Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C Ctrl+C
Paste (in text fields only) Ctrl+V Cmd+V Ctrl+V
Cut (in text fields only) Ctrl+X Cmd+X Ctrl+X
Delete next character (in text fields only) Del Del Del
Delete previous character (in text fields only) Backspace Backspace Backspace
Delete next word (in text fields only) Ctrl+Del Opt+Del Ctrl+Del
Delete previous word (in text fields only) Ctrl+Backspace Opt+Backspace Ctrl+Backspace

Help Window Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available from Help windows.

Command Windows Mac OS Linux or Unix
Navigate Links within Content Pane (right pane) Tab Tab Tab
Switch between Content Pane and Search/Contents/Index/Glossary (toggle) F6 F6 F6
Navigate Index Terms (while Index Pane is selected) Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow
Scroll Pane (Content, Table of Contents, or Index) Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow Up/Down Arrow
Expand/Collapse Table of Contents Tree Structure Left/Right Arrow Left/Right Arrow Left/Right Arrow
Print Page Ctrl+P Cmd+P Ctrl+P
Go Back to Previous Page Alt+Left Arrow Cmd+Left Arrow Alt+Left Arrow
Go Forward One Page Alt+Right Arrow Cmd+Right Arrow Alt+Right Arrow