%brandDTD; ]> For Microsoft Internet Explorer Users

For Internet Explorer Users

If you've been using Microsoft® Internet Explorer, you'll find that it's easy to begin using &brandShortName; for browsing the web, managing your mail, and much more.

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&brandShortName; and Internet Explorer Terminology Differences

Internet Explorer &brandShortName;
Internet Options Preferences
Temporary Internet Files Cache
Favorites Bookmarks
Address Bar Location Bar
Refresh Reload
Links Bar Personal Toolbar
Copy Shortcut Copy Link Location

About Your IE Favorites

Your IE Favorites are imported automatically. To access them, open the Bookmarks menu and choose Imported IE Favorites.

Browser Features

Other Features

In the lower left-hand corner of your browser, a component bar gives you quick access to several useful features:

Keyboard Shortcuts

You will notice that Microsoft Internet Explorer and &brandShortName; share many of the same shortcut keys. For a full list of shortcut keys, see the List of &brandShortName; Keyboard Shortcuts.