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Both inputs are bound to xsd:integer data types. Testelement uses a more complicated schema definition to support an additional attribute, Testelement2 is a simple xsd:element. The first element is not correctly validated by XForms, the second element is. The schema itself is correct, which can be validated using xmllint or any other schema parser.

The schema is correctly parsed at first, if you make the default instance invalid by entering something like <Testelement checked="false">asdf</Testelement> you'll get a console error saying

Error: XForms Warning (3): Instance document did not validate.

Expected behavior

Enter a non-integer value (e.g. "adsf") into one of the input boxes. After leaving the box they both should have a pink background color and pressing the Submit button will fail with a message on the error console:

Warnung: XForms Warning (5): Submission validation failed for node

Current behavior

The first input is not validated at all, all input is possible. The second works as expected.

Testelement (doesn't work)

Testelement2 (works)