A typical simple HTML mail created using Tb's HTML composition mode. Actions at Composer of Tb. In Body Text(or Paragraph, or Preformat) Variable Width : aaa, vvv Fixed Width : ffff Copy a link at text mail display of SeaMonkey, then Paste at Body Text of Tb's Composer. Insert Link, Inser Table, Insert Image are not used. Insert HTML is not used. Any text formatting is not used(bold, italic, underscore, font, color, ...) aaa




If this kind of HTML, known phenomenon of bug 414299 occurs. If Delivery Format=Auto-Detect, and if recipient is Prefers=Unknown mail address, this HTML mail is silently sent by Tb with unknown reason. This is perhaps "Data Loss!!!", "Format Loss!!!" which is seen in bug 414299, and is seen in resent some bugs such as Bug 1204379. Note: (1) In HTML mail composition, following is needed to see phenomenon. At Tools/Optins/Composition, General, HTML : Click [Restore Defaults] Font: [Variable Width] can be changed to [Fixed Widrh] becuse: Variable Width = is not used for test Fixed Widrh = is used for test Size: shouldn't be modified. If modified, is used, so phenomenon disappears. Color: shouldn't be modified. If modified, different color value is set in next tag, so phenomenon disappears. (2) Recipient's Email Address should be: Domain of Email Address is not regitered to HTML Domain/Text Domain. And one of next. - A Contact in Address Book with Prefers=Unknown - Email address which is not registered to Address Book Following is texy/plain mail data sent by Tb. aaa ffff vvv https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=414299