amp.systemSelect.label=System amp.tcmDelete.alt=Delete this step. amp.tcmDelete.title=Delete this step. amp.tcmAction.title=This is the action taken to generate this record. amp.tcmLocator.title=This is the locator for the HTML element that generated this record. Sometime this entry will be empty. amp.tcmValue.title=This is the value for the HTML element that generated this record. Sometimes this entry will be empty. amp.tcmXPath.title=Highlight this item on the page. If you have visited other pages in this test case, the item may not exist on the page anymore. amp.opensPane.text= Opens separate pane. amp.tcmClear.label=Clear amp.tcmSubmit.label=Submit amp.tcmStart.label=Start amp.tcmQTName.label=Name amp.addPattern.title=This page will add a $pattern.type|toLower of the given violation(s). It currently will not delete other instances of this violation so if you add a violation twice you will have two copies of it. amp.deletePattern.title=Delete Pattern amp.moduleProperties.content=Module Properties amp.organization.content=Organization amp.system.content=Project amp.module.content=Module amp.location.content=Location amp.path.content=Path amp.testingStateComplete.content=Testing State Complete amp.frames.content=Frames amp.selectReport.content=Select a Report * amp.loadModule.value=Load Module amp.moduleName.content=Module Name * amp.moduleLocation.content=Module Location * amp.reportName.content=Report Name * amp.chooseReport.content=Please choose a report amp.user.content=User * amp.password.content=Password * * amp.transport.content=Transport * amp.rememberLogin.content=Remember Login amp.submit.value=Submit amp.patternReview.content=Note: The Instance you are viewing is a member of a Pattern. If you would like to edit the Pattern please activate the following link: amp.description.content=Description * amp.note.content=Note amp.lineNumber.content=Line Number amp.pass.value=Pass amp.flag.value=Flag amp.nonCompliant.content=Non-Compliant Example amp.compliant.content=Compliant Example amp.hostName.content=Host Name amp.addConnection.content=+ Add Connection amp.activeConnection.content=Active Connection amp.setActiveConnection.content=+ Set Active Connection amp.hostNoRequire.content=Host amp.deleteConnection.content=Delete Connection amp.dom.deleteHost.content=Delete host $ amp.pattern.content=Pattern amp.noModulesPattern.content=You do not have any modules to add to this pattern. amp.deletePattern.confirm.content=Are you sure you want to delete this pattern? amp.deletePatternViolation.confirm.content=Are you sure you want to delete this pattern violation? amp.deletePatternModule.confirm.content=Are you sure you want to delete this pattern module? amp.emptyReqField.content=Empty Required Field: amp.moduleFailed.content=AMP was unable to create a module from this source. If this problem persists please contact support. amp.noModuleViolations.content=Your module generated no violations. Please try again. amp.noModules.content=Module amp.selectModule.content=Module amp.violationsSaved.content=Your instance has been updated successfully amp.toggleHighlighting.label=Toggle Highlighting amp.manageConnections.label=Manage Connections amp.toolbarHelp.label=AMP Toolbar Help amp.loggedOut.content=Logged Out amp.loggedOff.content=Logged Off amp.jsonError.content=Response could not be parsed as JSON. amp.failedConnection.content=AMP cannot connect to amp.serverError.content=Server Response Error: amp.loggedInto.content=You are logged into amp.moduleStateSaved.content=Module testing state saved. amp.couldNotLocate.content=Could not locate element amp.noViolationDescription.content=Please enter a description for this violation. amp.chooseBestPractice.content=Please choose a valid best practice for this violation. amp.charLimitExceeded.content=Character Limit Exceeded amp.notLoggedIn.content=You need to log into a server before this can happen. amp.noTestName.content=You need to name your test before this can happen. amp.tcmEdit.title=Make changes to this result amp.tcmEdit.alt=Make changes to this result amp.tcmSave.alt=Save the changes you made to this result amp.tcmSave.title=Save the changes you made to this result amp.validation.invalidSelection=Invalid Selection: amp.validation.emptyField=Empty Required Field: amp.validation.charLength=Invalid Character Length: amp.panels.main.title=AMP amp.panels.fix.title=Fix amp.panels.test.title=Test Platform amp.panels.image.title=Screen Shot amp.panels.monitor.title=Record Test Case amp.noSystemsForRecording.error=You currently have no systems mapped to this account and as a result, you will not be able to send test cases to AMP. You can create a system via the AMP web interface. amp.systemListElement.notDefined=There was an error updating your system list for test case monitoring. Please contact support to resolve this issue. amp.testSaved.content=Your test case has been saved successfully. You can view and activate your tests by clicking here. amp.pleaseSelectSystem.content=Please select a system. amp.seleniumTestHeader.content=%S amp.firebug.allPages.notice=Open for all pages is %S amp.toolbar.onForAllPages=Stay Open For All Pages amp.general.on=on amp.loadPageFor.title=Open page '$' in a new tab amp.testConfig.useCase=Use Case amp.testingForm.header=Use this form to test a given module against the AMP accessibility guidelines. If you specify a report that already has a module with the current location it will be overwritten. If you would like to create a new module, you can post-fix the location with '#' and any other distinguishable text. amp.loadModule.header=Use this form to load any existing module from AMP for accessibility testing. amp.recordTest.header=To start or stop a recording session, click on the red recording button located on the toolbar. Perform the steps that support your use case and when finished, specify a target project and your test settings before submitting. amp.record.test=Record Test amp.create.module=Test Page amp.manage.connections=Manage Connections amp.creatBugzillaBug.label=Create Bug amp.associateBugzillaBug.label=Associate Bug amp.viewBugzillaBug.label=View Bug in Bugzilla amp.bugtracking.label=BugTracking amp.bugtracking.content=New Connection Type amp.bugtracking.addConnection=+ Add Connection amp.bugtracking.location=Location(URL) amp.bugtracking.path=Path amp.bugtracking.activeConnection=Set Active Connection amp.bugTrackingTable.location=Location amp.bugTrackingTable.path=Path amp.bugTrackingTable.type=Type amp.bugTrackingTable.actions=Actions amp.bugTrackingTable.delete=Delete Connection amp.dom.deleteBugTracking.content=Delete amp.bugtracking.login=Login amp.bugtracking.logoff=Logoff amp.about.text=AMP Version 1.5.6\: \u00A9 2005 - 2015 - SSB BART Group.\nAll rights reserved. Washington D.C. 703.637.8955 | Silicon Valley 415.975.8000 amp.deleteBugAssociation.confirm.content=Are you sure you want to delete this bug association?