The Jakarta Project offers a diverse set of open source Java solutions and is a part of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) which encourages a collaborative, consensus-based development process under an open software license.

Jakarta is organized into subprojects, summarized in the section below. The ASF contains other Java projects, some of which were a part of Jakarta, that are detailed on the ASF Project page.

It is recommended that users of Jakarta products subscribe to the Jakarta announcements mailing list.

Each Jakarta subproject has its own team of developers and committers, and its own mailing list.

Subprojects may be grouped into three general categories by product:

Libraries, Tools, and APIs
BCEL The Byte Code Engineering Library (formerly known as JavaClass) is intended to give users a convenient possibility to analyze, create, and manipulate (binary) Java class files (those ending with .class).
BSF Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) is a set of Java classes which provides scripting language support within Java applications, and access to Java objects and methods from scripting languages.
Commons Repository for small scale, reusable, code components that are useful in multiple Jakarta subprojects. -- ComponentsList
ECS The Element Construction Set is a Java API for generating elements for various markup languages it directly supports HTML 4.0 and XML
JMeter Pure Java desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance
JCS JCS is a distributed caching system written in java for server-side java applications
HttpComponents HttpComponents is a toolset of low level components focused at the transport aspects of HTTP protocol, which can be used to assemble custom client- and server-side HTTP services
ORO Set of text-processing Java classes that provide Perl5 compatible regular expressions, AWK-like regular expressions, glob expressions, and utility classes for performing substitutions, splits, filtering filenames, etc.
POI Set of APIs for creating, reading, and writing files based upon the OLE 2 Compound Document Format using only Java (no native stuff). Currently, OLE 2 Compound Document Format itself and Microsoft Excel (XLS) file formats are provided.
Regexp 100% Pure Java Regular Expression package.
Taglibs A collection of JavaServer Pages (JSP) custom tag libraries useful in building web applications
Frameworks and Engines
Cactus Cactus is a simple test framework for unit testing server-side Java code (servlets, EJBs, tag libraries, filters, ...).
HiveMind HiveMind is a services and configuration microkernel; a framework for creating complex applications from simple Java objects and interfaces
Tapestry Tapestry is a web application framework based on highly reusable components within a very pure Model-View-Controller pattern.
Turbine A model-view-controller framework for constructing web applications with either Velocity or JavaServer Pages.
Velocity Velocity is a general purpose Java-based template engine.
Server Applications
Alexandria Alexandria is a CVS/Javadoc/Source code/Documentation management system meant for use within Open Source projects.
Slide WebDAV aware content management system

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